Tips for using reaSamploMatic

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general description[edit]

ReaSamplomatic allows you to play samples or sounds under midi control. For more information, including a description of what each parameter does you can read about it all on its section on the ReaEffects guide.

some user contributed tips[edit]

if you have the updated Reapack, there are actions that turn items into samples that can be triggered with reaSamplomatic and are automatically mapped to keys on your midi keyboard.

Basically you can create a track, add any number of items, then run one of the actions. I generally use Script: mpl_Export selected items to RS5k instances on selected track. This puts each item on a key on your keyboard in order of where the items are placed. You can select the starting note for the first item and the other items will add on subsequent keys. There are other options such as a drum mode, which means when you trigger a sample it cuts the last sample off, which can sometimes be desired depending on application. There's a chromatic mode in case you want to spread one sample across the whole keyboard and be able to pitch change it. That's it. Press keys on your keyboard and your samples will play. You can then delete the items should you wish, mute them so they don't play or paste them to another track in case you want to do something with them again. You can get to this simply by searching for rs5k. I mapped Script: mpl_Export selected items to RS5k instances on selected tracks to control alt shift E. No particular reason, but all the S hotkey combinations were taken. It loads each sample in an instance of ReaSamplomatic. This means you can choose attack, release, decay, sustain, volume, pan, pitch bend range and more for each individual sample. The easiest way to do this is probably by pressing p (OSARA: View FX parameters for current track/take (depending on focus)) and navigating to each instance of ReaSamplomatic.