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Rusty Perez[edit]

location and occupation[edit]

Hi folks, I'm from Southern California. My main occupation is as a Spanish language interpreter, though I've also been an English teacher, radio personality, massage therapist, and semi professional musician.

Experience With Reaper[edit]

I have been recording my own music for many years. I first started with various cassette recorders until I got a Tascam Portastudio .... the 424 MKII cassette version.

After that I began to flirt with digital recording, but didn't record much until I started using the Linux based NAMA DAW. I recorded a Christmas album using that, but longed for a windows option since I never got really comfortable with Linux. I love the idea, just didn't completely fall in love.

Then came Reaper! I've taken the Osara course with Cavi and am preparing to take the Reaper Production course with Cavi as well.

Of course, the RWP list is an never ending source of Reaper accessibility goodness, and Osara is the key to it all.

Main Goals with Reaper[edit]

I want to continue recording my own music, and I would love to be able to use Reaper as a master looper. We'll see about that.