Useful Links and Resources

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Useful Links and Resources

Reapers Without Peepers Mailing List

The RWP (Reapers Without Peepers) Mailing List is a very helpful list for those learning or using Reaper, and accessibility options on either the Windows or Mac platforms. For further information and details on subscribing, visit [

WhatsApp Reaper Access Group

This audio chat group on the WhatsApp platform is another source of assistance for those learning and using Reaper. Join the ReaperAccess WhatsApp Group

CAVI Courses

The most comprehensive library of paid tutorial material designed for people starting with Audio Production and more specifically, Reaper, can be found here.

aditional accessibility scripts and numpad emulation

this is a collection of links that point to scripts that allow the user to access different thhird party plug-ins and certain parts of reaper as well . they are being developed by access4music, a small team of blind programmers. If you are on a laptop without a numeric keypad but would like nevertheless to use those keys in your reaper actions, there is a [ numpad key emulator script by Andrew Donnie ] along with its corresponding [ auto hotkey source code ] for your delight. It also reminds you if you accidentally have left the script turned on by a series of beeps. You can conigure how often the notificaiton is. The script activates the numpad emulation by default as soon as it is opened and also displays a list of the hotkeys used so it should be pretty self-explanatory.